About Robotec Panama

Robotec Corporation, began operations in Bogotá, Colombia, and has more than 23 years of experience in the field of security. It carries out direct operations or through strategic allies in 8 countries in the Americas, with the clear objective of establishing a presence throughout the region.

ROBOTEC PANAMA began operations in 2011 and currently national and multinational companies trust us as providers of security and control of critical processes.

We have an important research and development department, dedicated to technological innovation, creation of new hardware and software products, as well as maintenance and updating of existing lines.

Our work areas

  • Defense and national security:
    Advanced solutions for intelligence, state security and the fight against terrorism.
  • Oil, mines and energy:
    Integrated systems for the protection of critical infrastructure and care for the environment.
  • Ports and customs:
    Effective inspection of people and cargo.
  • Transport and logistics:
    Effective control and monitoring of your fleets, personnel and assets.
  • Construction, industry and commerce:
    Security solutions and administrative control to minimize your risks and costs.
  • Corporative security:
    Advanced protection of people, facilities and sensitive information.